Attention : Coinations Will Discontinue Its Services As Of 30/08/2017, Withdrawals Made After 28/06/2017 Will Be Refunded To The Respective Members.

By using Coinations you agree and understand that :

1. We will use the funds to purchase hardwares for our mining farm
2. you will not have multiple accounts.
3. you won't abuse the system.
4. you can perform withdrawals once you have 0.01 in your account and at least one active deposit.
5. you will never have a refund from your deposits.
6. Minimum deposit is 0.01 and minimum withdrawal is 0.01, no maximum for withdrawals.
7. password is a sensitive information, don't share it with anyone, we will not ask for it either
8. we may alter/add or delete one of the terms with or without a prior notice.